How to license your music

How to license your music

If you create awesome songs and you want to ensure that it is distributed in a matter that is controlled, you would need to license them. Based on the rights that you want retained and the rights you wanted given to others, you need to check with the Copyright office. Incase the songs need to be distributed freely, you should use Creative commons.



People usually license their songs as they can make money when the songs are used in TV, video games, commercials and more. The artist maximizes the revenue generated through licensing. When a song is licensed, you get a fee when the license is used and it also allows the artist as well as the song to get more exposure. This increases the fortune and fame of the artists.

Video game music is copyrighted and there are two copyrights that the song has. There is the copyright for sound recording as well as a copyright of the underlying song. When the song is published for the radio, perhaps, this is the most lucrative of all deals. The song here too has two portions. One is that of the publisher and one is that of the song writer. Independent artists who publish themselves, own 100% what the song’s share is. That is the reason why one should license their music whether through a publisher or without one.

The film and TV license is known as the Master Use License. In this, the song is synchronized with the background, the theme or visual images and is used for film and TV shows.



When music is to be licensed, you would need the CD and the track listing as well as the contact information and which genre the music is. You can work with those who are creating independent films. Then you need to research music supervisors and check film conventions.

After this, you need to have an attorney or manager – one who knows licensing to help you evaluate the deal. In this they will be able to give you a ball park figure. What an artist should remember is that the song should not be devalued for what the user offers. You should not sign deals where you need to give away your exclusive rights, your publishing or those that want to use the music in whatever way they feel fit. This will prove to be a raw deal in the future.





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