Control on wanted and unwanted facial hair growth

Wanted facial hairs are the hairs on beard and mustache on men’s face and unwanted hairs are hairs in nose, on ears and on upper cheeks.  One must have proper control on both facial hairs for a good personality.  Proper care of wanted facial hairs and time to time safely removal of unwanted facial hair growth can only give an attraction to your personality.

How to manage wanted hair growth:

Beard and mustache are not just a simple hair growth on face.  It is an unavoidable and very important matter of dignity to a man. To manage the look of wanted facial hair growth you need followthese steps:

  1. Use beard cream, oil and wash for proper cleaning. With the help of using them you can reach to non-each, shine and fast growing facial hairs.
  2. Coming is a must on hourly bases.
  3. Trim as per need
  4. Do not cut, shave or trim too much, have some patience. At the time of early growth beard doesn’t look nice but no need to lose patience it is for short time period only.
  5. Have nutritious food in your diet every day. Good and healthy diet will improve your hair growth.
  6. Take a plenty of sleep.
  7. Daily exercise is a must.
  8. Avoid smoking, as it effect too bad on your beard growing ability.

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How to reduce unwanted facial hair growth:

Unwanted facial hair growth can kill the look of your beard and face. It also affects your personality. Do not worry. Just follow simple things and you can get a face free from unwanted face hair growth.

  1. Use trimmer for beard out line.
  2. Use nose hair trimmer to remove the hairs under the nose and on your ears.
  3. Use threading or tweezers to remove unwanted hair growth on upper cheeks area.

Whatever you do be safe and gentle to your skin. By giving proper care to your face surely you can get a control on your wanted and unwanted facial hair growth.

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