Carrageenan – The Key to Women’s Sexual Wellness

Importance of a Lubricant

The body of a woman is as unpredictable as the weather. Being naturally lubricated becomes easier at times, whereas it becomes a difficult job at certain times. There are situations when a woman remains uncomfortably dry despitethe best efforts put forward by her partner to stimulate the receptive area.

It seems to be an embarrassing and painful situation unless there is a personal lubrication handy with the lady. Using a lubrication product that contains Carrageenan can add to excellence and make the foreplay the most romantic one.

Cause of Dryness

The natural lubrication of a woman’s body loses its strength with time due to various reasons like age, health conditions, medication, and use of the contraceptives, anxiety, and stress as well as alcohol consumption.

The menstruation also affects the natural tendency of lubrication. In addition to it, menopause, breast feeding as well as cancer treatment, smoking, dysfunction in the immune system and ovarian surgery can lead to loss of elasticity of the vaginal walls that leads to dryness.

The Best Remedy Ever

In addition to daily practice of Kegel exercises, consumption of soy products is a healthier option to bring back the natural moisture. It has been found that Carrageenan is the most well known 100 % natural lubricants that promise to give sexual wellness to women across the globe, along with its additional health benefits, besides relief of vaginal dryness.

It is known to be an algae-derived compound that also prevents cervical cancer and other STDs. It is a water based formula that has organic aloe, which naturally soothes and sustains sensitive tissues. The nature based sea plant product is designed to replicate the body’s own natural fluids. It is free from harsh chemicals like petroleum based glycol, parabens and glycerin. It is regarded to be a rich gel that dispenses quickly and gives a smooth and silky touch.

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