All that you wanted to know about new Bronco

If you have been waiting for the news to be confirmed, here it is. Ford has confirmed that Bronco will be back in 2020. This mid-sized truck that was loved in the late twentieth century is going to be back to rock the automobile world. The announcement of its re-launch was made during the Detroit Auto Show in January 2017.

The development center

This great new SUV will be made alongside the other SUV Ranger that will be re-launched in the year 2019 just one year before 2020 Ford bronco. Also Bronco will be developed at Ford’s facility in Australia where ranger was engineered. This definitely makes sense because only after its modification in the Australian center that Ranger’s pickup improved. Bronco is going to use the improved platform on which Ranger is built.

The American building center

The new 2020 Ford bronco will be built in Michigan. Earlier it was said by then-presidential candidate Mr. Donald Trump that Ford is planning to shift their Focus and C-Max production units to Mexico. However the news might have been true but it was just half the news. The alleged loss of jobs was to be compensated by the production of Ranger and Bronco in Michigan. Well, the clarification led to the spreading of the news like a wild fire and it was time for the Bronco lovers to rejoice the come-back of their favorite vehicle.

The people that are eagerly waiting for 2020 Ford bronco are all into the guessing game of how it would look, what will be the engine type, will it have four wheel drive and other such questions. Well, not much has been revealed by the company but it does seem to have the platform of Ranger, though and improved version and it also is rumored to have four wheel drive with a turbocharge ecospeed.



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