How does the hirek project high-quality events?

You can enjoy high-quality projection from the It also offers the best from the IMAX system. The IMAX experience is better than any other conventional theater experience. However, the noticeable difference is online short films which are missing on the suggestive projection. Most of the films were recorded at 70mm full frame. When it is projected in the full fletched display, it looks amazing.

What is anIMAX film?

There was a single film for the first time which has utilized the IMAX frame in Hollywood. Apart from that, there are new movies by the IMAX frame. Most of the videos are ashort film with a length of 30 minutes. These films were converted using the DMR. When it comes to the visuals, it looks amazing.


  • tv has removed more than 20% of the display dimensions to make it catchy. Apart from that, the first four rows were relocated to a new position. It looks cool and bigger than its previous appearance.
  • The images are in high-resolution that look amazing. Most of the cinemas are in true 4k resolution.
  • The best part is that there is no annoying background in the entire show at hirek.
  • It will give you a seamless film viewing experience which is better than the conventional big screens.

Where to get the IMAX?

The IMAX screens are available at the shopping malls and other theaters it will help you to encourage your wills. If you want to enjoy a movie, then you should try the IMAX cinemas. IMAX has brought some significant changes that help to extract wow factors from the audience.

If you don’t want to visit the critical service of the conventional big screen, then you should have a look at the hirek. It will be a real deal when you add few bucks to the tickets to get more out of the conventional experience.


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