A detailed review of patriot power greens supplement done

If you study the pack of the patriot green, you will find a list of ingredients. In this review of patriot power greens, you will find a very fine analysis of these ingredients and how they will affect the health of the individuals consuming the drink. Some of the main ingredients that you will find in the drink include vegetables and plants from the seas. One among them is the spirulina which is present in quantity of 1 gram. This is basically regarded as a super food in Japan and is very much rich in antioxidants.

Spirulina use

For the research purposes, the scientists use really high levels of spirulina. However the recommended level is about 200mg/kg of a matter as the spirulina contains C-phycocyanin. Hence you can figure out that a person weighing 200 pounds can consume about 14.5 grams of the spirulina each day. The product being spoken of here provides 10% of that requirement with a single serving.


patriot greens powder


Kale usage discussed

The kale is another really significant ingredient present in the product. However in the review of patriot power greens, the quantity is not mentioned. The kale is very much rich in ingredients that take in various free radicals making your skin look really fresh and young.

Discussion regarding fruits in review of patriot power greens

It is claimed by manufacturers, that the product contains many fruits and vegetables that can simply reverse your ageing. These are miracle fruits and include carrot, broccoli as well as juice from the beet.

For most of the ingredients to work, they require anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are known to attack the different harmful free radicals present in your body. They are responsible for causing inflammations too. The review of patriot power greens tell that these anti-oxidants will get rid of the radicals and thus the inflammations.


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