Use funky rock designs to stylishly accessorize your home!

Are you setting up your home? Well, if you are open to ideas, and then a natural looking set-up can surely provide your ‘home’ that perfect touches of elegance that you have been so looking for! The inclusion of some funky rock designs to give your residence an earthy feel is a great way to bring a change in your décor. With polished rock pieces and well-crafted statues, you can get a set of unique furniture that will help you bring a quaint look to your home.

Before you wonder about what to get for your home, here are some ideas that you can check out.

Funky rock designs to adorn your house:




  1. Stone vases

You may have a specific favorite in Egyptian vases, but the beauty of well-crafted and polished stone has a different charm altogether. Pot some real aloe Vera or place a set of false flowers, the magic of the set-up remains!

  1. Stone salt cellar

How about adding a dash of spice to your kitchen? Well, keep your choices spices and salt in this specially created salt cellar. Since each of these stones have a different color, therefore apart from a dash of paisley in your recipes, you can also add some color to your kitchen.

  1. Stone booze dispenser

Now, this is the funkiest piece of accessory that you can have for your house! The specially crafted rock has a hollow inside and a place to attach the booze bottle on the top. With a tap fixed at the rock, you can refill yourself at every hour!

  1. Stone sponge holder

This is another funky addition to your kitchen to protect your sponges from turning into limp handkerchiefs. With a stone holder, these sponges can have a space to dry up and re-used the next time.

Now that was quite a range, is it not? Make sure that while you are buying these products, you check their authenticity. The Made in the USAtag is of real help when you look for quality products. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best!

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