Know how to figure out connectivity issues with Roku

You have installed Roku streaming player on your device, which allows you to stream videos and audios from the internet. However, there are times when it hampers the online streaming, due to connectivity issues with your Roku device. Before troubleshooting, it must be checked whether the connections between internet and home network is working properly or not. This article will help in figuring out such connectivity issues with the Roku device or player.

Reason behind connection error message

When Roku player is set up on any device, the user needs to enter correct login and password to access it. This includes entering the name of the wireless network and correct password on that device to operate it. If wrong details are entered, the player will not be able to establish any connection with the internet.

roku device

Now for some reason, if the Roku device cannot connect to the internet through the home router, it will not work. Its reason can be anything, from lost internet connection to improper setup, on the computer or mobile device. It will interrupt in streaming, as the router doesn’t respond to its connection request from

Error messages due to connectivity issue with Roku device

  • Displays error code 014 with message ‘can’t connect to your wireless network’.
  • Displays error code 016 with message ‘not connected to the internet’ and asks for setting up a connection.
  • It doesn’t allow access to the internet even after entering the name of wireless network and password.
  • If internet connection is lost, it shows ‘loading, please wait’ message.

In order to gain access to the internet, Roku device requests a connection to the home router. Only after granting permission, this player will be able to stream audio and video files from the internet. The above points should be kept in mind before streaming online. Look for the appropriate connectivity issues with this player, as mentioned above, and sort it out using



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