Know about 3 printing techniquesused forfoto op metal and aluminum

Where metal print photography is the latest trend in current market, more and more people are showing interest in availing at least one for them. Even if these are a bit higher in the price department, picture quality and finish are what attracts people to convert their foto op metal.

Here are 3 methodologies related to metal printing.

3 processes related to printing foto op aluminium

  1. Mounting

The main work is done on a high gloss media. With the help of this technique, main printing is made on that media. After this process, that pictureis directly mounted on the metal face. For increasing lifespan of a photo, a high glossy laminated film is applied. Thisfilm is mainly added to protect your picture from harsh weather, conditions and UV light.

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  1. Direct printing

In this process, photo printing onto aluminium is done via UV activated inks. The printer that is used in this case is aflatbed. This technique ensures that your photograph is directly printed on the metal body. After the printing process is complete, with the help of high gloss or matte film a protective layer is created.

  1. Sublimation

This is the most common form which is used for printing a photograph on a metal surface. In this procedure, the first step is to print a photo or a transferable medium. The next step comprises of a pre-coated aluminum surface on which the transferable media (on which your picture has already been printed) is added. The image is transferred to the metal body with the help of pressure and heat. Even though the lifespan of a photograph printedvia this technique is unknown, expert photo developers speculate it to be 75 years on the higher side.

If you want to know more about printing on aluminium sheets, there are certain websites dedicated from where you can easily avail information.

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