Cleaning instructions for induction cooktop

You need not to be worried about cleaning of induction cooktop. It is quite easy; you just have to wipe any kind of spills from time to time. Let it be double burner induction cooktop or single you can manage it quite well. Just regular maintenance and cleaning will make sure that your device goes a long way. Sometimes when you neglect spills, you can find it hardened and really annoying when you try removing it. In such times just try your hands on white vinegar which will do the magic. You can use damp cloth or paper towel to wipe any kind of stains.

So let discuss some of the cleaning tips:

  1. Cleaning of the ceramic area: There are cleaning creams available in the market for ceramic cooktops. So just put some in a clean, soft cloth and then rub to the stain area of the double burner induction cooktop. Then you can wipe it off with a dry towel. In case you have glass ceramic cooktop, there is separate cream available.

double burner induction cooktop

  1. Cleaning of stainless areas: In case of any stainless steel areas, you can use soapy water and try wiping it off with soft cloth.
  2. Cleaning hard water spots: Excess minerals in water can lead to spots in the cooktops surface. You can diluted vinegar with water and apply it over to remove any hard water spots.

Also while cleaning remember to not apply much of pressure. Never use any cleaners having ammonia or bleach. Do not use scrubs also. Metal scouring pads may damage or create scratches to the cooktops. These are some of the cleaning tips you can keep in mind to maintain your cooktop. Regular cleaning is the key to increase the longevity of the induction cooktop and give the look as if it is new.

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