What are the three phases of Yoga Burn Program?

Do you want to lose weight and fit in your favorite apparel? Then, you need to immediately take up Yoga burn program. This https://www.yogaburnreviews.com/ program will let you to gain emotional and physical health. The best part of this online program is that, this has easy to do yoga positions that help women to tone their body while alleviate the stress levels. When you buy this online Yoga program, you can happily play this and do the exercises without any kind of confusion. There are clear instructions given by the videos that help women to learn and do the positions with ease. Basically, this program is designed for women who are desperate on losing weight, but not in the way that is harmful to their life. The yoga poses presented in the video are easy and gradually the intensity of yoga poses increases with the progress in the phases.


There are three phases available in this https://www.yogaburnreviews.com/ program

Foundational flow: As the name suggests, in this phase you are laying a strong foundation to tone your body and muscles. In the first four weeks of practice, you would learn the basics of practicing yoga and a few positions that help you to shape your body and gain lean muscles while having fun doing it. This program can be done by both the beginners and pros in Yoga. This phase will let you learn to connect body and mind to call muscles in losing the extra muscle mass. This phase is crucial to progress in the next phases safely.

Transitional flow: In this phase, you will learn to improve your heart rate and lose extra calories from the body. As you are acquainted doing basic yoga positions, so you can easily progress to do little high intensity positions. The three videos in this phase focus on lower body, upper body and core area of the body. When you start doing these poses, you start to feel relaxed.

Mastery flow: In this phase, you will learn the yoga positions that will improve the metabolism rate of your body. Basically, it is important to have good metabolism rate to burn calories. By doing these exercises, you will gain sexy figure that everyone would be envious of you.



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