The process of hiring an employee

In a corporate culture it is often believed that among two companies with exactly same resources such as machinery, land and capital are going to perform differently because of the employees in the company. After all the capital invested in business, eventually the biggest factor in a company turns out to be human resources. So it’s an important process to find the right candidate for the job.

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The process of hiring the employee starts with conducting preliminary interviews. After sorting few good candidates, second step is to conduct an aptitude test. The ones who clear it are supposed to appear for the personal interview. If someone is found good enough then a thorough background check is done. In this stage if everything is alright a health check-up would be done to check if the potential employee is clean. However one go under the radar with the best synthetic urine has given. The synthetic urine has made available is the best in the market. You can also read synthetic urine reviews has made available on the website. But now even the human resources firms have also become a little cautious since they have got to know about this. After all these steps are done an offer letter is extended by the company towards the potential employee. The letter shall contain everything that has got to do with his or her job. The appointment letter contains all the information such job roles and responsibilities, compensation of the employee, the leaves allotted by the company and much more.


The gap between realizing the need for an appointment of an employee to conducting the process and to finally hiring one is called as time lapse. A good firm with a good firm takes the shortest number of days to employ a person systematically.


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