Don’t Take It Easy If It’s the Matter of Spine Surgery

Why can’t you avoid spine surgery?

Back pain is a usual condition in the contemporary time. Several reasons are associated with back pain, but lifestyle is a major and common factor responsible for this condition. Most back pains can be controlled and relieved with medications or physiotherapy, if these are not associated with spinal or nerve injuries. However, back pain can’t be overlooked as a minor thing if has sustained for quite a long period. If conservative therapies don’t work to relieve pain, then you should see a spine surgeon to discuss your complication.

spine surgeon Dr. Sandro LaRocca

To find a best spine surgeon

Spine surgery is a matter of high skill because of its inherent risks and not all spine surgeons may be equally skillful to perform a diverse range of spine surgery. Spine surgery involves a special approach where a surgeon access spinal cord from anterior, posterior and lateral directions and several different procedures are performed depending upon conditions that needs the high surgical skill. Spine surgeon Dr. SandroLaRocca has performed many complicated spine surgeries successfully on patients with different conditions and severities and built reputation as a top spine surgeon in New Jersey.

Life is safe in the hands of a skilled surgeon

Spine surgeon Dr. SandroLaRocca is an expert in diverse modern surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery, spinal reconstruction, and lumbar disc arthroplasty and is specialized in both operative as well as non-operative treatment of the neck and spine conditions. Patients who got treatment from Dr. LaRoccaview him as a very kind and caring surgeon. With all such qualities in a surgeon,a patient feels his life much secured in his hands. Though spinal surgery may be a big issue for anyone, yet getting it done by spine surgeon Dr. SandroLaRoccamakes it easy for a patient to bear with his skill, love and care.


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