Everything you need to know about LED

Since the invention of electricity, incandescent lamps are in use for generations to evade the darkness and to brighten their space. However until recently, people have started talking about the greenhouse product and recycling stuffs to save environment and conserve nature.

LED light bulbs LED Light is one of the greatest invention in lighting technology and a worth-while replacement to incandescent lamps because of impeccable characteristics and notable advantages. But are they really potential for this change, are incandescent lamps are losing popularity in the lightbulb aisle?

Everything about LED – Things you should know

When you are looking for incredible longevity and better efficiency, then LED light bulbs ไฟ led may be the right choice for you. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode that produces approximately 90 percentage more efficiency than the conventional incandescent lamps and halogen bulbs. It uses only 10 percent of the energy of a normal bulb requirement.  They are very good eco-friendly product that contributes a larger part in conserving the environment with minimal lease of carbon product and complete absence of harmful chemicals.

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How does a LED lighting works

LED lights ไฟ led comprises of two semi-conductor devices P type material and N type material. The N type of material is design to contain electrons for the purpose of extra charge, while the P material have holes in it to hold the extra electrons. These materials are completely dependent on the external voltage applied to the circuit. LED light does not emit light from the vacuum unlike the conventional incandescent lamps instead it emits light through the semi-conductor device attached to it.

Closing Thoughts

There is a misconception that LED lights are expensive and cost thrice or four times the price of the typical incandescent lamp. However when you consider on a long run, it has an extended life span of 15 years and doesn’t require frequent replacement like other lamps.

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