Shopping Tricks of Indian Wedding Lehenga for Curvy Brides-to-be!

Are your relativescreating their shopping list,even in the States, now that your wedding has been finally fixed? Well, then, on your part, it’s time to focus on shopping for traditional Indian wedding lehenga.

However, are you tired of hearing that stereotypical line –“You should lose some weight! With your complexion, you’ll look like a model”?

Well, here’s the thing: you can look flawless, regardless of your height, weight and complexion in your wedding lehenga. All you need is the right guideline to style yourself. Therefore, check out these tips for picking out your ideal traditional bridal lehenga and flaunt your curves with pride.

A curvy bride’s guide to pickout the best bridal lehenga!

Trick 1: Know your body type!

A huge misconception most people harbor is ‘lean is beautiful’.

Every body type is beautiful; just styling is different. Hence, know whether you’re pear-shaped or apple shaped, or if you have the trending hourglass figure. The types of clothes you wear play a major role in making you appear beautiful. Therefore, choose your Indian wedding lehenga according to your body type.

For pear shaped women, it’s the best to flaunt your curvaceous bottom, or if you’ve broader shoulders, V-necks and darker blouses will give a slimming effect.

Trick 2: Configure your color code

Curvy women look ethereal in darker colors. So, go shopping and opt for choosing shades of black, crimson, navy or if you feel confident, go for peach or mauve. However, make sure your lehenga’s bottom flows like an inverted bell. Patterns are important.

Most importantly, wear the styles with pride and look happy. Happiness is the icing on the cake for making you shine in your bridal lehenga.

Indian wedding lehenga

Trick 3 – Pay attention to embroidery!

Mostly, curvaceous women pay little attention to embroidery or design, especially those shopping in the States. However, it’s natural not to know because very few people discuss needlework. Nevertheless, the secret to looking toned is not just colors but embroidery too. Therefore, flaunt your curves with an embroidered lehenga.

Use colors of gold and silver, or you can go for sequins.

Note: Sequins would look good in moderation, so choose a bridal lehenga with subtle sequins.

Trick 4- Motifs can add edge to your Lehenga!

While choosing your traditional Indian wedding lehenga, avoid shopping for larger patterns. You can, instead, go for medium-sized borders or buttis.

Most importantly, while choosing your dress, shop for the one with a vertical pattern; the horizontal pattern will look overbearing. A vertical pattern will give your body a proportionate shape too.

Now, that you know the basics, you can say no to eating bland fruits. Choose a gorgeous trousseauand style yourself to perfection. Remember, you’re utterly gorgeous, and the right fit of clothes will stop all those stereotypical comments.

So, pick out a classic A-cut Lehenga made of georgette, chiffon, silk or satin and wear the right makeup. Now, steal the show and make a stunning impression on your groom and friends with a smile to compliment your outfit.

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